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Franciscanes Vilassar de Mar School, with 139 years of history in our town, we define ourselves as a familiar, open, integrative, supportive and committed school.

We work every day to make our school a benchmark of quality but, above all, a school where the human dimension, communication and personal knowledge are the basis of our educational work.

We believe that an ideal school does not exist because each family has unique values and expectations, but we strive to achieve the characteristics that, in our opinion, are our school ideals: 

The ideal school is one that has the capacity to change. Change because boys, girls, families, teachers change, but also the world. Scientific, technical, cultural and social discoveries are changing rapidly and they are asking us to adapt to these changes as well. Therefore, the ideal school is one that is capable of being a living, dynamic, open, dialogue, interrogating institution. Our school, despite its long history, is very clear that we cannot continue working as years ago, and because of this, we innovate, change methodologies, incorporate new technologies, because we want to be a school that educates in and for the century XXI.

Ideal school should welcome and encourage creativity, imagination, curiosity ... to allow every child to find their place in the world. That is why we stand for comprehensive education in which all the dimensions of people and the learning we do are relevant. In our school all subjects are very important, also Physical Education, Health Education, Music, Plastic, ...

The ideal school must rely on the abilities of all its students. That is why we define ourselves as an integrative school that, respecting the uniqueness of each child, addresses the diversity so that each and every one of them progresses.

• The ideal school values and welcomes the involvement of families in the development of education and in the life of the school. That is why we define ourselves as an open school because we promote activities with families, ask for their collaboration and also open ourselves to the environment and collaborate with many entities in the village by participating, visiting, inviting interesting people ...

• Ideal school demands a strong commitment from teachers who, as professionals, need to be trained in the theory and practice of education. Our teacher’s team is a human team that feels the school as theirs and is open to change, innovate, teamwork ... always thinking of improving the teaching-learning process of the students and their well-being.

Finally, we believe that the ideal school must also be aware of its limits. That is why before we incorporate new methodologies we need to be sure that we will be able to carry them out successfully. It is not worth innovating, doing this or that because it is "fashion", promising things we do not know if we can fulfill ... Our school is small and this has its advantages and disadvantages. Only by being aware of it can we move on.

Based on our "way of doing and being" on this school model, our Educational Project is functional and fair. It is functional because we make all learning a practical and useful application that will allow our students to adapt optimally in such a changing world, prioritizing that they become competent people and not merely accumulate knowledge. And just because education has to be deeply compensatory and highly stimulating so that everyone can do their best. Each person is unique, but we all have capacities and needs and all the students deserve specific treatment and follow-up in order to guarantee them a genuine equality of opportunity. But our educational work will only be effective and fair if we build it on trust between families and teachers.

We could summarize our educational line in three axes: the first, to provide the necessary tools for students to access knowledge (learning to learn); the second, giving meaning to the knowledge and making it interesting for the student, and the third, developing individual capacities, self-knowledge, self-control and teamwork. Because, as Plutarch put it: "The brain is not a vessel to be filled, it is a lamp to be turned on."

As we have already mentioned, the human aspect is our priority and this is why we want the well-being of students, so that children feel welcome from day one because the school will be the space where they spend the most time of their life. We want the school to be a place of life and for all of us who make up the educational community to feel it as our own.

We are a school where the pleasure of learning is not at odds with values ​​such as effort, responsibility, respect and values ​​that are indispensable for life.

As a final conclusion we want to emphasize that we are committed to do the best in our job to provoke in children the desire to learn by stimulating their curiosity, respecting their personal characteristics, attending to their needs and ... only then we will achieve an education quality.