Fruit Consuption Plan at school

One more year, we started the Fruit Consumption Plan at school, distributing fresh fruit and vegetables once a month and from Infant Education to Primary Education.

As you know, it is an initiative of the European Union with the joint action of the Departments of Agriculture, Health and Education of the Generalitat of Catalonia and its purpose is the promotion of healthy eating habits by offering:

  • • Fresh and free fruits and vegetables for our students' snack.
  • • Information on the benefits of increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables as well as learning aspects related to their diversity, production, seasonality, origin, etc.

This year, the fruit calendar starts this January and continues to deliver fresh fruit and, eventually, vegetables, until June.

In our school, it is traditionally the students of the 4th year of Primary Education who are, as every year, in charge of distributing the fruit to the rest of the classmates and schoolmates while informing everyone about their origin and denomination as well as some Food hygiene tips to consume it.

We invite you one more course to participate in this proposal understood as an alternative to the consumption of other foods with less nutritional quality and we hope that it will be a starting point for the promotion of the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables among our students.

Encourage them to take more fresh and nearby fruit and vegetables!