School Canteen Service

School Canteen Service

The canteen is a service that the school offers to all families who need their children to be attended during lunchtime, understanding this service, apart from a space to eat, as a complement of the educational activity, a space where we work for the integral education of our students at cultural, social, leisure and habits.

The canteen service is framed within the Educational Project of the school and includes two different areas: the dining room and the activities that children carry out at midday hours, both under the control, surveillance and animation of the monitors.

This service also aims to provide students with balanced nutrition, helping them live together during dinner and leisure activities. That is why, from the dining room, a healthy and balanced diet is encouraged, as well as correct eating habits.

From the school we manage and coordinate the dining service at the level of registrations, cancellations, modifications and global operation and delegates, to the company HOSTESA, the management, the monitoring, the activities and the elaboration of the food.

We have a fully equipped and self-sufficient kitchen to make the food of the students according to the meal plan proposed by the company according to the Guide to Healthy Eating at the school stage provided by the Generalitat of Catalonia and regularly reviewed by the CAP of Vilassar de Mar.

Presentation of a new school canteen company