Management team

M. Àngels Cifre Ruano

Direction Unification of the Educational Institution Franciscanes

Ángela Crespo Herrero


Mrs. Paquita de Bas


Mrs. Canòlich Benedí

Head of Studies

Mrs. Laia Teruel


Theachers staff

Infants: Laura Gomariz, Marta Pérez, Cristina Majó and Zaira Peña

Primary: Canolich Benedí, Alejandra Rodríguez, Mónica Viñas, Nuria Cairó, Sonia Hernández, Montse Fernández, Anna Guardiola and Laia Teruel


Paquita de Bas, Natasha Martorell, Jordi Rius and Albert Baena

Administration and Services staff

The Administration and services staff consists of a team of 9 people between cleaning, maintenance, kitchen, dining and administrative personnel. All together they develop a silent but indispensable task for the proper functioning of our center.