aula matinal

Early reception

The “good morning service” is a playful and educational space, offering a service to the families that require it and which favors the reconciliation of the working hours of the parents with the school hours of their children.

The morning school service of our school is held every day from 8 am to 9 am in the morning.

Students from 8:00 in the morning are gradually arriving, depending on the needs of each family. The service is normally used by the students themselves, but it must be taken into account that many times this service is also very helpful for those families who need it sporadically.

This activity is carried out in a classroom of Infant Education. The person responsible for the welcome service is a person with experience in the school and who knows so much about the students.

The activities that are organized during this time of year are fun: painting, drawing, constructions, stories, songs, murals … Also handicrafts are carried out that students bring home.

The school values ​​this service offered in a very positive way since we respond to the most daily needs of families.

The organization, the monitor and the activities that are carried out are totally in accordance with the educational project of the school.