Our school, faithful to the Franciscan spirit and heiress of over a hundred years of history in our municipality, has the main objective of accompanying our students to develop their life project, educating heart and intelligence, and thus to contribute to a more solidarity, more transparent, more fraternal and more sustainable society.

Our reason for being as a school is to educate each person as an agent of change and transformation of society, in an integral and harmonic way. For this reason we offer a comprehensive education that allows the student to develop all their capabilities, and a human formation that guarantees to be incorporated into society as a person.

As a Christian and semi-publicschool, we are open to all and we have the commitment to ensure the social integration of different cultures and traditions, encouraging coexistence between all members of the educational community.

To fully educate our students, we need to work together with families, by talking, collaborating and being accomplices of the education of their children.

Let us also watch for being a school inserted in the reality, culture, sports, customs and traditions of our municipality.


We work to make our school an open, lively and participative learning community; a reference in creativity and innovation, in which our students are recognized for their level of competence, their emotional management, their education in values, and committed to a plural and globalized society.

We are a school that is clearly committed to education in values and that allows the student to fully develop their intelligence, where children are the protagonists of the educational action because we recognize the unique character and unique history of each student.

As a Franciscan school we promote the relationship between all the members of the educational community in the familiarity, trust, dialogue and simplicity in order to avoid any type of discrimination.


The values are not educated, “are taught”, are shown, they are breathed in the day to day of the school and, therefore, they must be shared by all the members of the educational community.

These shared values must be social and civic in order to train full citizens, with a critical, respectful, solidarity, creative, participatory, autonomous, committed, sense … without forgetting that as a Franciscan school we must transmit humility, fraternity, patience, effort and certainty to overcome difficulties, empathy with diversity and joy and thanks for enjoying the good things that life offers us.

In short, educate our students for coexistence and peace; for justice and solidarity; in freedom and for freedom. Only then we can build a fairer, more human, more peaceful, more solidarity and more sustainable world.