We participated in the European waste prevention week with: “CREAJOC: The playgroundof the 3 R”

The Physical Education and Health project for Middle Cycle entitled “CREAJOC, the 3 R playroom” has seen the light this Wednesday, November 24, with the inauguration of the playroom full of toys made by the boys and girls of Third and Fourth grade.

Throughout many sessions, different types of toys have been designed both as a team and individually from waste materials in order to learn to recycle, reduce and reuse by playing.

For this reason, we wanted to name this great toy library with the name “CREAJOC, the 3 R toy library” since it combines waste prevention with creativity and play.

Once the toys have been built, we have presented them to the rest of the students to test, improve and play with them.

But the proposal does not end here. We have placed the toys in the school gymnasium to invite boys and girls from other classes to play to share a game time with them, also spreading the initiative of the European Waste Prevention Week.

Thanks to the reuse of the materials we have used, we have managed to avoid generating 1.61 kg of CO2, a volume that is equivalent to the work that 81 trees do absorbing this amount of CO2 in a single day. You can calculate the emissions that you avoid by accessing this calculator.

We leave you a video with the entire process that has occupied us throughout these months. We hope you like it as much as we do!