The school party with games and dances

Last Friday, November 19, we celebrated the presentation of the Presentation at school and in the morning the girls and boys visited MÓN AVENTURA, the amusement park that became this year our Esportdiver, the physical Education activity in which the sixth-grade class organizes games for the whole school.

In the afternoon, from the area of ​​Music Education, all the courses presented different dances on the occasion of the celebration of Santa Cecília, patron saint of music.

In the Esportdiver of this course, we wanted to build a school theme park full of attractions related to different moments in human history.

And like all the theme parks, ours has also had a pet: The Mica who has accompanied us during these days visiting the classes.

But … have you ever wondered what a day would be like in MÓN AVENTURA …?

A park full of Egyptian mummies and pharaohs. Full of dragons, princesses and kings living in medieval castles. A place to take a photo safari in the African savannah; a park where to live the crazy rodeo in the American Far West. A place where you can help a Chinese emperor pick tangerine and soon travel to ancient Rome to load the amphorae on the ship as fast as possible and as a team! In short, a park where prehistoric dinosaurs and flying rockets coexist; from the beginnings of humanity to the immediate future!

All of this is hard to sum up but we have tried it in this video. We hope you like it!